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What our customers are saying…

Thank you Ticket Hurry!  I was able to get great seats for the Cowboys season opener.  I couldn’t believe how cheap they were! - Lionel S.


I was out of town when “Believe” tickets went on sale and I was mortified to hear they sold out from Ticketmaster immediately.  I’m so thankful that I found this site cause you guys had so many tickets to pick from.- Maria L.


I thank you guys so much for being patient with me and answering all my questions in a friendly way.  Carrie Underwood was my first concert ever and I had an awesome time!- Eline H.
You guys surprised me by having tickets for Disney On Ice the day before the show.  I was worried that I waited too late, and the tickets actually ended being cheaper than I expected.  My daughter was very happy!- Stanley T.